Most of us want to solve our own problems, but at times getting help is the wisest move, speeding progress and often bringing desired changes we didn’t realize were possible.

I help you connect with your inner wisdom and resolve problems while adding skills that bring resilience and strength. My approach is compassionate, non-judging, supportive, and tailored to your uniqueness.

Therapy helps with most life challenges. It’s really about personal growth: getting better at handling what life brings, and helping the wise, powerful, authentic you come to the forefront, take charge, find meaning, and fully engage.

I love working with adults of all ages, teens, adolescents, and children. I’ve worked extensively with depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and children/adults from divorce and abuse. Working collaboratively we find solutions that best fit you and strengthen your foundation, helping you flourish and better withstand what life throws your way.

We all struggle at times: work, relationships, anxiety, stress. After being knocked down by life events, we tend to get up, tell ourselves we’re fine, and move on. But the blows can add up, leaving us feeling stuck, lost, deflated, or depressed. Together we’ll help you reconnect with your spirit and heart and tackle the world.